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Provision of cloud backup for over 15 years.

Safe Data Storage Ltd is a UK-based cloud backup company established in 2004. We offer a fully managed, professional, secure UK-based online backup service to businesses, education and charities. Having been established for well over a decade, we believe our lengthy experience helps us deliver the highest quality of data storage services and support. 

Whether you are a business looking to protect your critical data, an educational institution aiming to secure valuable academic resources, or a non-profit organization seeking to safeguard sensitive donor information, Safe Data Storage is your trusted partner. With our industry-leading expertise, robust security measures, and reliable infrastructure, we provide peace of mind, enabling our clients to focus on their core objectives while we take care of their data storage and backup needs. 

We have developed long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Our partnership with Ahsay began in 2005 and we are now not only a platinum partner, but their largest partner in the UK with over a Petabyte of data. Similarly, we are very proud to be StorageCraft’s second Master Managed Service Provider (MSP) here in the UK.

At Safe Data Storage we are very proud to be both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-accredited. ISO 9001 is an international standard that shows we have quality management systems in place to consistently provide products and customer service of the highest quality. ISO 27001 is a certification that assesses businesses on their management processes for keeping data secure.

Our UK infrastructure network uses our own servers and storage hosted in two ISO 27001 accredited data centres. To help us offer services outside of the UK to our clients and resellers, we host a number of backup servers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ohio (US), Singapore (APAC), Dublin (Ireland) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Our office is located 15 miles outside of London, then we have our London primary data centre (City Reach DC), with all data replicated to our replication site in Bournemouth (County Gates DC)

Our own UK Network

Our World servers hosted in AWS

Unlimited. No obligation.

Try it for yourself with our our free no obligation trial and start protecting your vital machines today.

Unlimited. No obligation.

Try it for yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your vital machines today.

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